Simplify Arc Welding with These Four New Products

Highlighting the strength of this market, and the high demand for arc welding products, 2020 and 2021 saw the release of many products designed to simplify arc welding.

AWS Publications | February 9, 2021 | Processes
Welding Digest ►  Simplify Arc Welding with These Four New Products

Highlighting the strength of this market, and the high demand for arc welding products, 2020 and 2021 saw the release of many products designed to simplify arc welding.

The term arc welding refers to a group of welding processes that produce coalescence of workpieces by melting them with an arc; this can be accomplished with or without pressure as well as with or without filler metal (Ref. 1). There are many processes that fall under the broad umbrella term of “arc welding.” This includes gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, flux cored arc welding and submerged arc welding — just to name a few.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the arc welding market continues to flourish and is forecasted to show significant growth in the upcoming years due to the following factors: increased adoption of welding processes, increased utilization of high-strength low-alloy steel throughout various industries, its flexibility and its cost effectiveness (Ref. 2).


Multiprocess welding system enables steel joining


Created by Kemppi Oy, the X5 FastMig welding machine (Figure 1) utilizes energy-efficient inverter technology to help welders overcome the challenges associated with joining steel. Offered in 400- and 500-A models, the multiprocess system performs gas metal arc, direct-current gas tungsten arc and shielded metal arc welding as well as gouging. It is also equipped with a Touch Sense Ignition function for reliable, nonshort-circuit ignition; a Wise feature that minimizes spatter and creates high-quality welds; well-balanced Flexlite GX welding guns with enhanced cooling and a top-loading wire feeder design that ensures ergonomics and safety in all operating positions when changing heavy filler wire spools. Designed for industrial applications, the welding machine has a robust, injection-molded plastic casing and an impact-resistant display that withstands challenging work conditions. The welding system can also be connected to the WeldEye cloud service for digital weld quality and process control.

Figure 1-4Figure 1: The X5 FastMig welding machine by Kemppi Oy.


Cobot boosts easy-to-learn welding system


Made by Computech Mfg., the CoboWeldTIG collaborative robot (cobot) welding system (Figure 2) meets the needs of basic automated welding with its ease of use, flexibility and quick redeployment to different applications within the shop. With skilled welders becoming more difficult to find and retain, the cobot welding system is designed to help with these challenges by requiring little to no PC or robot experience to program the robot, which takes a few minutes. It also offers several different welding models to match customers’ preferences as well as a variety of options to assist with deployment. Additionally, its software and integration kit allow shops to advance into automation at a reduced price when compared to the higher cost of industrial robotic systems.

Figure 2-2Figure 2: The CoboWeldTIG collaborative robot welding system by Computech Mfg.


GTAW feeder achieves accurate wire release


Provided by Strong Hand Tools®, the stainless steel gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) feeder (Figure 3) enables controlled and accurate wire release. Compact and lightweight, the feeder rests comfortably in the user’s hand to enhance ease of use and combat hand fatigue during long periods of welding. It also has an earth magnet set in the feeder body that allows it to be placed vertically against a steel surface for temporary, safe resting during work breaks. The feeder’s knurled thumb wheel provides a smooth, continuous wire feed and features a center groove to prevent even the thinnest wires from shifting. Its customizable arm can also be bent as needed to create tension and stability for managed feeding of a variety of wire diameters. The feeder includes a stand and is offered with a magnetic base (sold separately) for use with a turntable application.


Figure 3-2Figure 3: The GTAW feeder by Strong Hand Tools.



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This article was written by Katie Pacheco (associate editor of the Welding Journal) for the American Welding Society.