Pipe and Tube Cutting Made Easier

Learn why these three pipe and tube products are a cut above the rest.

AWS Publications | January 17, 2022 | Processes
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Learn why these three pipe and tube products are a cut above the rest.


Cutting Machine Accommodates a Variety of Tubes

Created by Emerson (ridgid.com), the RIDGID® PTC-400 power tubing cutting machine quickly cuts ½- to 4-in. stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, and plastic tubes. It comes with a quick-acting engagement feature and easy-to-use feed screw to ensure high-speed cutting. It also showcases two rotating speeds for smooth cuts on long or short tubes and a cutting wheel profile for efficient cold-cutting operation. Its cutting wheel cartridge can be replaced without tools, resulting in minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. With a compact weight of 32 lb, the cutting machine is easy to transport to and from commercial, residential, and industrial job sites. Its integrated carrying handle and cord wrap also support easy transport and storage. The cutting machine comes with a lifetime warranty.


Lead photo: The RIDGID PTC-400 power tubing cutting machine by Emerson.


Compact Tool Enables Pipe and Tube Beveling

Made by ESCO Tool (escotool.com), the air-powered Mini-MILLHOG® performs beveling and facing of superalloyed pipe and tube. It accomplishes pneumatic, inner-diameter clamping; features a working weight of 27.5 lb, squares itself when mounting; and provides high torque with low revolutions per minute. Ensuring smooth, chatter-free operation, the tool is also capable of any angle of prep and produces a clean, continuous chip without using cutting oils or fluids. It is made for beveling highly alloyed stainless steel and heavy-wall pipe as well as re-moving tube weld overlay and membrane cladding. It works with pipe and tube from 1.25 in. inner diameter to 6.625 in. outer diameter with one mandrel covering the majority of the range. It comes with a rugged spur gear drive train, and all of its clamping components (including the gear rod) are heat treated.

Fig.2-Jan-13-2022-03-06-46-83-PMThe air-powered Mini-MILLHOG by ESCO Tool.


Line of Abrasives Adds Cups, Cones, and Plugs

Produced by Weiler Abrasives (weilerabrasives.com), the Tiger® aluminum cups, cones, and plugs are designed for metal fabrication, including fabrication shop, tool sharpening, pipeline, rail frog construction, and shipyard applications. Their aluminum-oxide grains and strong bond allow for a long product life and a consistent cut rate for grinding metal. The Type 11 cup wheels for grinders are precision balanced to ensure smooth, vibration-free operation. Offered in 4, 5, and 6 in. diameters, they are suited for heavy metal removal, grinding, rough beveling, and removal of cracks or flaws. The cones and plugs for die grinders perform inner-diameter cleaning, hole-edge beveling, weld seam smoothing, and bevel grinding. They also accomplish transitioning and grinding in hard-to-reach areas. The cones and plugs are offered in the most common types: 16, 17, 18, and 18R as well as sizes ranging from 1 to 3 in. in diameter. The cups, cones, and plus are designed for use on soft and hard carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and ductile iron.

Fig.3-Jan-13-2022-03-06-46-93-PMThe Tiger® aluminum cups, cones, and plugs by Weiler Abrasives.