New Tools and Resources for Instructors

Four educational products that can be used in the welding classroom or in the field.

AWS Publications | May 7, 2022 | Tech and Industries
Welding Digest ►  New Tools and Resources for Instructors

Four educational products that can be used in the welding classroom or in the field.


Welding Simulator Facilitates Instruction

Made by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC (, the MobileArc augmented reality welding system provides hands-on simulation training to attract, engage, and introduce students to welding. Its intuitive setup and simple user interface allow students to work independently, thus maximizing instructor efficiency in the classroom. Designed to help students self-learn, the system gives real-time feedback on user technique, which helps correct errors, reinforce proper welding practices, and accelerate skill advancement prior to live arc welding. Portable and lightweight, the system is easy to transport for remote learning and recruiting events. It also minimizes material cost by eliminating the need for the wire, gas, and metal coupons/workpieces used in training.

Fig.1-Apr-25-2022-04-26-51-52-PMThe MobileArc augmented reality welding system by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC.


Trades Poster Series Informs at a Glance

Crafted by Build Your Future (, the Construction Career Posters series showcases real tradesmen and tradeswomen of different ages and ethnicities, thus offering authenticity and diversity in educational material. It is made up of 36 individual posters/trading cards with each spotlighting a skilled trade by providing job description, average annual salary, and education options. The following are some of the careers featured in the poster packet: boilermaker, instrumentation technician, ironworker, millwright, pipefitter, pipeline technician, sheet metal worker, and welder. Targeting a Generation Z audience, the posters are meant to be used as a resource that industry, counselors, and educators can share with students for independent career exploration. The free posters can be downloaded at

Fig.2-Apr-25-2022-04-26-51-47-PMThe Construction Career Posters series by Build Your Future.


Weld Camera Works for Training Applications

Produced by Xiris Automation Inc. (, the Xiris CellView camera achieves a wide-angle view of automated or manual welding cells, allowing welders and supervisors to remotely monitor welding status during setup or while in progress. When combined with the open-arc weld-monitoring cameras, it can be useful for remote welder instruction, supervision, and training. The instructor can review form and up-close weld parameters to ensure the trainee is achieving quality welds. Additionally, the camera can be used by the instructor to record his or her own welding form along with the details of a weld demonstration to play back to students. Other features of the camera include low-level light sensitivity, auxiliary lighting, adjustable zoom, a robust housing, and compatibility with the WeldStudio software.

Fig.3-Apr-25-2022-04-26-51-46-PMThe Xiris CellView camera by Xiris Automation Inc.


Documentary Captures High School Robotics Competition

Streamed on Disney+ (, the More Than Robots feature-length documentary follows four teams of teenagers from the United States, Mexico, China, and Japan as they prepare for the 2020 FIRST INFINITE RECHARGE robotics competition. Directed by Gillian Jacobs, the documentary shows how the teams were challenged to embrace problem solving,

creativity, and innovation to build a robot and stay in the competition. Hopeful that their unique robot design would propel them to the global championship, the teams overcame unique challenges, from having limited resources within their community to putting everything on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The official trailer can be viewed on

Fig.4-Apr-25-2022-04-26-51-50-PMThe More Than Robots documentary on Disney+.