New Products for the Solderer

From robot kits to solder paste, this piece offers something for both the hobbyist and professional solderer.

AWS Publications | March 5, 2022 | Processes
Welding Digest ►  New Products for the Solderer

From robot kits to solder paste, this piece offers something for both the hobbyist and professional solderer.


Robot Construction Kit Bolsters Engineering Skills

Created by Geek Club (, the Smart Nano Bots allow users to have fun while learning hardware and electrical engineering skills. The do-it-yourself robot construction kit is designed for ages 14 and up as well as those who already have a soldering gun and iron. It comes with the motors, sensors, and robotic pieces needed to craft a miniature troop of smart, roving robots. This includes seven robots, 70 parts, 250 electronic components, and seven tools. The kit is also equipped with an instruction manual and a guidelines book. The robots utilize intelligent light sensors and advanced vibromotor mechanics to move.

Fig.1The Smart Nano Bots by Geek Club.


Solder Paste Designed for Jetting and Microdispense Applications

Produced by Indium Corp. (, the Indium12.8HF solder paste delivers enhanced jetting and microdispensing performance for a variety of systems. The no-clean, halogen-free solder paste is useful for micro-LED applications as well as a range of applications requiring precision dot diameter/line width deposits down to 80 μm. It meets IPC J-STD-004B, Requirements for Soldering Fluxes, with Amendment 1 ROL0 requirements; offers electrical reliability; minimizes graping and similar reflow issues with its flux oxidation barrier formulation; delivers an aesthetically pleasing clear residue with minimal flowout; achieves minimal reflow spatter compared to similar solder pastes; and provides a long working (syringe) life. The solder paste is also compatible with the Indium8.9HF.

Fig.2The Indium12.8HF solder paste by Indium Corp.


Face Shields Enhance Protection for Different Applications

Made by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC (, the industrial-strength face shields boost protection with lens in the following four options: clear (288269), clear anti-fog (288274), shade 3 (288270), and shade 5 (288273). All of the face shields are lightweight in design for all-day wear and comfort as well as impact resistant for increased durability and protection. They are certified to American National Standards Institute Z87.1, Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, and Canadian Standards Association Z94.3, Eye and Face Protectors. In addition, each face shield features the company’s HDV technology, which provides a sharp, detailed view at any angle without distortion. This enhances welding, grinding, plasma and oxyfuel cutting, machining, brazing, soldering, and chipping operations.

Fig.3The industrial-strength face shields by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC.


Updated Software Facilitates Thermal Profiling

Produced by Metcal (, the updated software for the GT90 and GT120 soldering systems combines inductive heating technology with adjustable temperature control to enable faster time to temperature, thermal recovery, and temperature stability during soldering. The patent-pending software allows users to set temperature profiles for various components or solder joints. This gives technicians who solder temperature-sensitive components the ability to set thermal profiles with preheat ramp rates for different component types, which helps prevent damage from thermal shock caused by rapid heating. The software and soldering systems are designed for production soldering, R&D labs, and applications with extremely high thermal loads.

Fig.4The GT90 and GT120 soldering systems by Metcal.