New PPE Puts the Emphasis on Safety

From vests and gloves to helmets and earmuffs, these four new personal protective equipment (PPE) products are designed to keep you safe on the job.

AWS Publications | September 5, 2023 | Tech And Industries
Welding Digest ►  New PPE Puts the Emphasis on Safety

From vests and gloves to helmets and earmuffs, these four new personal protective equipment (PPE) products are designed to keep you safe on the job.


Cooling Vest Boosts Safety with Luminescent Colors

Made by StaCool Industries Inc. (, the StaCool Vest™ core body cooling system comes in the following luminescent safety colors: yellow, orange, and green. The fully adjustable vest is worn over normal clothing to keep workers safe and productive despite elevated ambient temperatures. Its microthin, highly breathable materials are easy to care for and provide wearers with cooling comfort without hindering mobility. Designed to help workers beat the summer heat, the vest is equipped with ThermoPaks that provide hours of cooling. Its built-in thermal barrier ensures the wearer does not get too cold. A spare set of ThermoPaks is included to extend cooling time and comfort when the initial set thaws. The vest is suited for road crews, welders, utility workers, power plant employees, foundry workers, industrial/manufacturing employees, construction workers, and anyone wanting to remain cool in hot conditions. Under-vests, which are worn under clothing, are also available to suit a variety of styles, preferences, and applications.

Photo 1-Aug-16-2023-07-03-22-0535-PMThe StaCool Vest core body cooling system by StaCool Industries.


Line of Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets Improves Clarity

Created by Weldcote (, the Klearview line of auto-darkening welding helmets delivers an optical clarity classification of 1/1/1/1 combined with a viewing area of 3.94 × 2.36 in. Providing a light-to-dark switching time of 0.1–0.8 seconds, the helmets are equipped with LCD and multilayer optical interference filters for permanent ultraviolet/infrared (UV/IR) protection. They also showcase a True Color feature that improves visibility and reduces eye strain. Weighing 1.2 lb, the helmets are made of a nylon that is high-impact resistant. Additionally, the helmets are powered by a solar cell with a replaceable 3-V lithium-battery backup. They come standard with adjustable headgear and a three-year warranty.

Photo 2-Aug-16-2023-07-03-22-4293-PMThe Klearview line of auto-darkening welding helmets by Weldcote.


Cut-Resistant Gloves Designed for Fine Motor Skills

Offered by Brass Knuckle Safety Products (, the SmartCut™ BKCR2403 cut-resistant gloves offer American National Standards Institute (ANSI) level A2 cut protection along with enhanced dexterity for tasks requiring very fine motor skills. Designed for the demands of automobile manufacturing and assembly operations, the 18-gauge gloves provide ruggedness and tactile sensitivity. They are made with a lightweight high-performance polyethylene and glass-fiber shell. They also showcase a black polyurethane palm coating for reliable abrasion protection and enhanced grip.


Photo 3-Aug-16-2023-07-03-21-1130-PMThe SmartCut BKCR2403 cut-resistant gloves by Brass Knuckle Safety Products.


Hard Hat Earmuffs Combine Safety and Comfort

Produced by Ergodyne (, the Skullerz® 8880 hard hat mounted earmuffs enable comfort and noise protection for those working in construction, heavy manufacturing, and more. Offering a secure fit, the earmuffs seamlessly integrate into the dedicated side-accessory mounting slots of the brand’s line of hard hats and safety helmets using a plastic adapter. Their stainless steel wire arms come in two different styles: bent (for full-brim hard hats) and nonbent (for cap-style hard hats and safety helmets). They can also be worn with a face shield using a face shield adapter. Padded and foam-filled, the earcups are designed for all-day comfortable wear. They are also adjustable and can be tilted up/down or stored onto the side of the hard hat or safety helmet to create a customized fit. Additionally, the earmuffs’ acrylonitrile butadiene styrene outer construction is durable for long-lasting protection in tough environments, and the polished stainless steel wire arms offer smooth adjustment while increasing the longevity of the earmuffs. The noise-canceling earmuffs are tested to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S3.19-1974, Method for the Measurement of Real-Ear Protection of Hearing Protectors and Physical Attenuation of Earmuffs. When attached to the brand’s line of hard hats and safety helmets, the earmuffs are certified to a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels.

Photo 4-1The Skullerz 8880 hard hat mounted earmuffs by Ergodyne.