Four Tools for Improved Automation

These newly released products are helping users automate welding and cutting processes for improved safety, higher production rates, and enhanced quality.

AWS Publications | August 23, 2022 | Tech And Industries
Welding Digest ►  Four Tools for Improved Automation

These newly released products are helping users automate welding and cutting processes for improved safety, higher production rates, and enhanced quality.


Industrial Robot Achieves Cost-Effective Automation

Produced by Comau (, the six-axis N-220-2.7 industrial robot reduces total cost of operation and optimizes mean time to repair (MTTR). It offers an architectural approach based on progressive modularity, component reduction, and advanced motors. Its use of direct kinematics, absolute calibration, and evolved motion algorithms combine to deliver enhanced repeatability and precision. Additionally, the robot showcases a hollow forearm and an integrated application dressing. It comes fitted with integrated forklift adapters and optional high-torque washers for automatic anchoring, easier relocation, and faster installation. With its wide working area and performance level D Cartesian safety features, the 220-kg (485-lb) payload robot is designed for a range of industries, including automotive, food and beverage, and fulfillment and logistics.

Photo 1The N-220-2.7 industrial robot by Comau.


Updated CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Automated Cutting

Offered by Hypertherm Inc. (, the ProNest® 2023 computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) nesting software for automated cutting contains a collection of features and enhancements designed to help customers improve operational efficiency while reducing nonvalue-added tasks. The software update allows for full functionality of PlateSaver™, a SureCut™ technology that combines the arc stability of X-Definition® plasma with specialized software parameters to increase material utilization when cutting mild steel. The software also includes improvements to its Production Manager feature, a web-based module that integrates with the EDGE®Connect CNC to automatically capture real-time machine data. Other enhancements include the ability to edit production times for completed nests, set job status changes, search for nests by customer, and access informative resources via the welcome screen/customizable ribbon. Additionally, the software combines XPR™ plasma cutting system setups by automatically detecting and merging changes made to the process parameters or bevel spreadsheets into a new setup during installation. With this update, customers can choose to use their existing customizations or the latest factory cut charts.

Photo 2-1The ProNest 2023 CAD/CAM nesting software by Hypertherm Inc.


Pneumatic Tubing Boosts Welding Cell Efficiency

Created by Festo Corp. (, the plastic-coated metal (PM), aluminum pneumatic tubing offers a weld-spatter-resistant solution for welding cells. It is suited for new welding cells as well as existing systems. Inherently resistant to high temperatures, the PM tubing prevents burn-through. It also eliminates clearance issues because it has a nominal outside diameter. Designed for standard pneumatic push connectors right out of the box, the PM tubing does not require specialized tooling or connectors. It can be easily formed by hand to fit the contours of the welding system being used. Once formed, the PM tubing holds its shape and stays in place without the need for additional clips and tie downs. It can also be inserted or removed from connectors multiple times without degradation to tight, leak-free seals.Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.17.54 AMThe PM aluminum pneumatic tubing by Festo Corp.


Plasma Cutting Robot Handles Large Steel Beams

Made by Prodevco Robotic Solutions (, the PCR42 robotic plasma cutting system allows for the processing of steel beams of up to 40 in. With optional upgrades, it can process up to 48-in. beams. To help customers automate their businesses, the system combines plasma cutting and torch technology with fully automated robotics and laser measuring. It achieves cutting accuracy using laser systems and a rotary encoder that determine material length and deviations. Additionally, its seven-axis operation enables two-zone processing for reduced material indexing. The robot can also cut features onto four face profiles, including slots, holes, and markings.

Photo 4

The PCR42 robotic plasma cutting system by Prodevco Robotic Solutions.