Four New Tools to Help You Cut Metal Fast

Learn about handheld tools and automated systems that can help you cut, shape, and remove material fast and efficiently.

AWS Publications | November 18, 2021 | Processes
Welding Digest ►  Four New Tools to Help You Cut Metal Fast

Learn about handheld tools and automated systems that can help you cut, shape, and remove material fast and efficiently.


Customizable Cutting Machine Allows Users to Stay Ahead

Produced by Messer Cutting Systems Inc. (, the ELEMENT 400 cutting machine offers customized configuration options and updates to enhance flexibility and enable users to respond to future requirements. It can be equipped with several options — including plasma-bevel cutting, oxyfuel cutting, marking, and cutting tables — to achieve precision-cut parts for continuous operation or special tasks. The cutting machine comes with the following: easy-to-operate, computer-numerical control Global Connect controller; 18.5-in. touchscreen for a clear overview of all production data; redesigned human-machine interface software; and integrated compatibility with the OmniFab production software, which includes the Machine Insight feature. This configuration helps users achieve improved real-time transparency on maintenance, downtime status, and production reports that are transmitted through the controller via a personal computer or tablet.

Fig.4-4The ELEMENT 400 cutting machine by Messer Cutting Systems.


Pipe Saw Increases Job Site Efficiency with Clean Cuts

Created by RIDGID® (, the pipe saw quickly and efficiently achieves clean square cuts for 1- to 12-in. steel and stainless steel pipe with up to a ½-in. wall thickness. This includes 10-in. schedule 40 pipe, which can be cut in just over a minute, as well as plastic and cast steel pipes when using one of the optional blades. Additionally, with its 3-point roller system that secures to the pipe, the transportable saw can be used in the fabrication shop or in the field. Its portability is enhanced with built-in handles and a dedicated cord wrap. The saw also maximizes comfort with its feed-rate speed monitoring and LED interface, which enable controlled rotation from an ergonomic position. The saw comes with a lifetime warranty.

Fig.2-Nov-18-2021-02-41-02-67-PMThe pipe saw by RIDGID.


CO2 Laser Delivers 650 W of Power

Offered by Kern Technologies LLC (, the 650-W CO2 laser provides a wide operating power range and enhanced stability. It can also produce a peak power of 2000 W for cutting of highly reflective metals and other thick, high-density materials. Its processing capabilities include the following: 1.25-in. acrylic, 1.25-in. wood, 0.25-in. mild steel, 3-in. foam, 0.100-in. stainless steel, 0.080-in. aluminum, and 0.040-in. brass. It also performs high-speed rubber and textile cutting as well as 3D engraving. The metal-sealed laser contains an integrated radio-frequency power supply and overbuilt electronics.

Fig.3-Nov-18-2021-02-41-02-71-PMThe CO2 laser by Kern Technologies.


Updated Line of Abrasives Cuts Faster and Lasts Longer

Provided by Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives (, the upgraded line of BlueFire abrasives includes belts, cloth quick-change and flap discs, and mini flap discs. Featuring a proprietary self-sharpening zirconia alumina grain shape and chemistry, plus an upgraded resin bond for faster cut rates and durability, the R860 and R887D abrasives offer enhanced performance on a range of materials in light-to-heavy pressure applications. Their improved, heavy-duty polyester backing is designed for long life and will withstand challenging applications. In addition to metal fabrication and welding, the line of abrasive products is suited for the following applications: foundry, aerospace, automotive, oil/gas, wind turbines, and general metalworking.

Fig.4-4The upgraded line of BlueFire abrasives by Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives.


This article was written by Katie Pacheco (associate editor of the Welding Journal) for the American Welding Society.