Four New Products for the Automotive Industry

Recently released products designed to increase quality and productivity for a variety of automotive applications.

AWS Publications | July 13, 2021 | Tech And Industries
Welding Digest ►  Four New Products for the Automotive Industry

Recently released products designed to increase quality and productivity for a variety of automotive applications.


Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine Joins Nonferrous Metals

Made by Emerson (, the Branson™ GMX-20MA ultrasonic spot welding machine (Fig. 1) bonds nonferrous metals, including bus bars, foils, switches, and wire terminations for automotive electrical systems, electric vehicles, batteries, battery packs, and power storage systems. It showcases a rigid pneumatic actuator with dual-linear bearings and a digital load cell to provide a smooth vertical motion and precise downforce control for enhanced weld quality and repeatability. It also tracks and measures actuator travel and tool positioning relative to the welded parts using a linear encoder. Once tooling/part contact is made, a digital load cell measures and maintains a precise level of actuator downforce on the parts to ensure the weld energy is accurately delivered and the weld quality is consistent from one weld to the next.


Fig. 1 — The Branson GMX-20MA ultrasonic spot welding machine by Emerson.


Laser System Works for Advanced Applications

Created by ACSYS Lasertechnik (, the Multishift automatic laser system (Fig. 2) with Industry 4.0 integration achieves advanced marking, structuring, cutting, and engraving. It supports nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond, and CO2 laser-processing capabilities to offer operators progressively finer laser-structuring options. Additionally, it enables optical character recognition and optical parts recognition for complete, accurate, and hands-free laser processing. It also provides online depth control and dynamic focus control to track the laser’s focal point. Additional features include robotic precision for reliable and consistent results; sensitive gripping, which leaves no indelible marks; automatic pallet processing to eliminate some batch tasks; and a minimized footprint that allows it to fit into small spaces. The laser system is also easy to configure into a company’s specifications. It is suitable for medical, automotive, tooling, minting, and jewelry applications.

Fig.2-1Fig. 2 — The Multishift automatic laser system by ACSYS Lasertechnik.


Playlist Includes 19 Videos on Automotive Laser Technologies

Produced by Coherent Inc. (, the Laser Solutions for Automotive YouTube playlist (Fig. 3) presents 19 videos that highlight advanced laser technology. The short videos show how these technologies enable materials-processing tasks in automotive production, energy storage (batteries), and e-mobility manufacturing that were difficult or impossible to perform with lasers in the past. Some of the diverse and challenging applications featured in the playlist include welding copper, foil, and dissimilar materials. The free playlist can be accessed here.

Fig.3-2Fig. 3 — The Laser Solutions for Automotive YouTube playlist by Coherent.


GTAW Power Source Enhances Mobility on Work Sites

Made by Castolin Eutectic (, the CastoTIG 1611 Advance (Fig. 4) boasts a gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) power source of about 15 lb (6.6 kg) even though it is controlled by a microprocessor. Its compact size allows it to be used on mobile sites for maintenance, joining, and construction-related applications. It comes with S and CE approval ratings for safe usage and class IP23S protection, making it suited for the outdoors. It also consumes minimal power and can be used with power generators. Other features of the welding machine include the following: It is remote controllable with integrated up/down functions; it offers a spot function for seamless stapling; its touch panel has a clear, readable digital display that welders can program; it comes with a pulse function for enhanced soldering pool control, especially when working with thin sheets; and it provides lift-arc ignition for repairing sections that are highly sensitive to electronics, such as steering and control systems. The welding power source comes with a ground cable and a robust carrying case.

Fig.4-1Fig. 4 — The CastoTIG 1611 Advance by Castolin Eutectic.


This article was written by Katie Pacheco (associate editor of the Welding Journal) for the American Welding Society.