Four New Brazing and Soldering Tools

Newly released products for the brazing and soldering industry.

AWS Publications | September 7, 2021 | Tech and Industries
Welding Digest ►  Four New Brazing and Soldering Tools

Newly released products for the brazing and soldering industry.


Desktop Soldering Robot Enhances Operations

Created by Apollo Seiko (, the J-CAT LYRA soldering robot offers the following operational features to improve usability and durability: advanced temperature settings, an approach function, and optional dual-iron units and feeders. For increased temperature control, the iron-tip temperature can be set individually for each soldering point within the same program. This helps achieve high-quality soldering of components with different heat capacities, reliable filling of through-holes, and back fillets. Additionally, the soldering robot’s approach function facilitates the programming of an additional axis movement during soldering, which makes programming and setup faster and easier for point teaching while saving time on the initial setup. Furthermore, it’s high-powered controller can operate two feeder units at the same time to reduce cycle time by 50%. This feature provides the option of using two iron units for soldering high-heat capacity components.

Fig.1-Sep-03-2021-05-28-08-10-PMThe J-CAT LYRA soldering robot by Apollo Seiko.



Lead-Free Solder Works for Copper Tube Connections

Made by Harris Products Group (, the Bridgit® plumbing lead-free solder replaces the 50/50 tin-lead solder for copper tube connections. The patented alloy meets federal requirements for lead-free solders as mandated by the Safe Drinking Water Act amendments of 1986. Instead of lead, the solder contains nickel, a key ingredient used to toughen stainless steel and tool steels. The use of nickel also allows for higher joint strength and enhanced flow properties. As a result, the solder has the capability to flow through tight capillaries when joints are at or above its liquidus temperature. It is solidus at 460°F (238°C) and liquidus at 630°F (332°C). The solder also delivers a wide plastic range to help operators fill poorly fitted joints.

Fig.2-Sep-03-2021-05-29-16-40-PMThe Bridgit plumbing lead-free solder by Harris Products Group.



Sapphire Windows Handle Brazing Materials

Produced by Meller Optics Inc. (, the custom-fabricated sapphire sight windows and viewports work for manufacturers of cryogenic equipment, furnaces, high vacuum, and other process systems. They are suitable for most common brazing materials used in glass-to-metal sealing. The windows can be manufactured to specification in sizes from 0.25 to 10 in. diameter with stepped edges and elliptical edge shaping, holes, slots, and wedges for mounting. Equipped with antireflective coatings, the windows are designed for applications from ultra-high vacuum to 10,000 lb/in.2 as well as from cryogenic to 1000°C; depending on the configuration, they also resist most chemicals, including fluorine, to 300°C. With a grade of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, the windows are impervious to fast-moving fluids and particulates. They also exhibit flatness to 0.5 fringes helium neon and parallelism from 20 to 2 arc/s.

Fig.3-Sep-03-2021-05-31-13-72-PMThe sapphire sight windows and viewports by Meller Optics Inc.



Soldering Machine Offered in Two Formats

Offered by Kurtz Ersa (, the i-CON VARIO 2 soldering machine comes in two versions: with the X-TOOL VARIO desoldering iron alone or in combination with one of the i-TOOL soldering irons. The X-TOOL VARIO desoldering iron for through-hole applications features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to reach soldering points even on narrowly assembled printed circuit boards. Made for professional soldering users, the system’s simultaneous operation of two soldering tools provides 200 W of power for high-mass applications. Other features of the soldering machine include an integrated vacuum pump that quickly and quietly delivers the necessary vacuum for efficient solder extraction, serial interfaces for control of the heating plate and solder fume extraction, and an integrated system design that enables an organized work bench.

Fig.4-2The i-CON VARIO 2 soldering machine by Kurtz Ersa.


This article was written by Katie Pacheco (associate editor of the Welding Journal) for the American Welding Society.