Four New Abrasives for Welding and Fabrication

These newly released abrasives can help you prepare surfaces, repair bad welds, and improve the appearance of finished welds.

AWS Publications | February 17, 2023 | Tech And Industries
Welding Digest ►  Four New Abrasives for Welding and Fabrication

These newly released abrasives can help you prepare surfaces, repair bad welds, and improve the appearance of finished welds.  


Abrasive Discs Improve Surface Finish 

Produced by Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives (, the Norton Vortex Rapid Prep nonwoven flap discs last longer, increase cutting rates, and produce smear-free finishes. Their patented agglomerated aluminum-oxide grain technology enables the cutting power of a coarser grit while still achieving a finer finish. Their three-dimensional nonwoven abrasive layers ensure uniform finishing with a consistently low surface finish value. In addition, their multiple layers of surface conditioning material provide added life, fewer disc changes for better efficiency, and reduced vibration. The discs also feature the proprietary Clean Bond® resin technology that guarantees smear-free finishes, even on high-nickel-content alloys, and reduces loading when cutting aluminum and other softer metals. The discs are ideal for light blending, stripping, edge breaking, and surface prep applications in the shipbuilding, metal fabrication and welding, aerospace, transportation, energy, and construction industries. They come in sizes 4 1/2 × 7/8 in. and 4 1/2 × 5/8–11 in. in fine, very fine, medium, and coarse grits. 

Photo 1-Feb-14-2023-07-25-42-2327-PMThe Norton Vortex Rapid Prep nonwoven flap discs by Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives. 


Line of Angle Grinders Designed for Demanding Applications 

Created by Metabo (, the M-Brush line of WEP 19-150 Quick, WEPBA 19-125 Quick Drop Secure, and WEPBA 19-150 Quick Drop Secure angle grinder models suits end users in demanding production environments. The 6-in. WEP 19-150 provides a no-load speed of 9600 RPM and comes with a standard guard as well as a clip-on type 1 cutting wheel guard. The 5-in. WEPBA 19-125 offers a no-load speed of 11,000 RPM while the 6-in. WEPBA 19-150 delivers a no-load speed of 9600 RPM. These two angle grinders include autobalance technology to decrease tool vibration by 50% while increasing tool and wheel life. The WEPBA 19-125 and 19-150 models also showcase mechanical safety brakes, which stop the wheel in 2.5 seconds or less when releasing the paddle switch and reduce any risk for injury. Additionally, the two-angle grinders feature a drop-secure attachment point for lanyards. This can be used when working at heights to prevent injury or property damage from a falling tool. 

Photo 2-Feb-14-2023-07-27-42-5148-PM The M-Brush line of angle grinders by Metabo. 


Cut-Off Wheel Lasts Longer and Increases Productivity 

Offered by WALTER Surface Technologies (, the ZIP™ XX cut-off wheel claims to outlast other industry-leading ceramic wheels by at least 30%, thus reducing changeovers and downtime. Its formulation of 100% self-sharpening ceramic grain also cuts up to 10% faster than aluminum-oxide wheels. Made of ceramic microcrystals with preset fracture points, the 1/16-in. cut-off wheel enables smooth, clean cuts; minimizes the need for rework; and decreases the risk of metal overheat or discoloration. Additionally, it is engineered with SMART RESIN™ technology, which allows the wheel to expose fresh grains at the optimal moment to maximize longevity and sharpness. Its premium reinforcements also make it safer and more durable without compromising speed. The cut-off wheel is compatible with steel, stainless steel, and hard alloys. It is available in 4.5, 5, 6, and 7 in. diameters. 

 Photo 3-Feb-14-2023-07-25-41-8603-PM

The ZIP™ XX cut-off wheel by WALTER Surface Technologies. 


Stringer Bead Brush Cleans Both Sides of a Weld Simultaneously 

Made by Osborn (, the Honey Badger® double-stringer bead brush utilizes two brush sections to clean both sides of a weld at the same time. It is built with two sets of wire knots on a face plate and nut. This construction allows the brush to hit both sides of the root or intermediate pass while cleaning out any weld slag or debris. It also enables a longer tool lifespan and a faster cut while reducing operator fatigue. The double-stringer bead brush is designed for the pipeline, welding, and metal fabrication markets. 

 Photo 4-Feb-14-2023-06-56-03-4991-PMThe Honey Badger double-stringer bead brush by Osborn.